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Family law disputes can be draining. Whether you and your spouse are disagreeing over child custody, child support, property division, or alimony, mediation can be an effective way to help clients reach a practical solution. If you are interested in exploring mediation for your dispute, don't hesitate to speak with a Franklin family law mediation attorney at Diane Crosier, Attorney at Law. I can assess your situation to see if mediation is right for you.

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What to Expect in Mediation

In mediation sessions, both parties are typically represented by their respective lawyers, who help facilitate the conversation. The parties can discuss the issues at hand and negotiate an agreement that both of you are satisfied with.

It is advisable, but not required, that you have a lawyer who is experienced at conducting mediation sessions represent you. Being able to skillfully guide the conversation towards a solution and diffusing tension is what makes a mediation session productive.

Benefits of Mediation

Mediation can offer a number of benefits. At my firm, I often encourage clients to explore the mediation route because I have seen firsthand the positive change that it can yield for their situation.

Why do clients find mediation to be a better option than litigation?

  • It is more cost-effective
  • It is much quicker than a trial, which can drag on for months
  • It is more private
  • It is win-win (everyone has to agree to the solution)
  • There is less hostility
  • Couples create solutions that are right for them

Couples who choose the mediation route often end up being more satisfied with the result and more likely to stick to their solution. In the long-run, this can mean that there are less disputes down the road and more amicable relationships between former spouses.

Effective Mediation Services from a Rule 31 Family Mediator

I am a Rule 31 Family Mediator with extensive experience mediating family law cases. No matter how complicated or how difficult your dispute may seem, I am always ready to help you work out a solution that meets your goals.

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Serving the people of Tennessee since 1992, Diane is known for compassionate, skilled representation. She is dedicated to excellence in her field and has undergone additional high-level training to earn and maintain her listing as a Rule 31 Mediator. This means she is well-versed in alternative dispute resolution, helping families stay out of court and amicably resolve their issues.

Diane is also backed by years of trial-tested counsel. If your case does move to court, she is prepared to fully protect your interests. Her reputation has led to her being voted into the “10 Best Family Lawyers" in 2015 by the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys. This is just one testament to her commitment to client satisfaction, her sterling reputation in the legal community, and her industry leading insight.

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