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  • 15-Aug-2022

    What is the Difference Between Divorce and Separation?

    If you allege grounds for divorce, as an alternative, you can file a complaint for legal separation. Legal separation, unlike divorce, does not affect the bonds of matrimony, but permits the parties to cease cohabitation. The court can also provide ...
  • 18-Jul-2022

    Can One Lawyer Represent Both Parties in a Divorce?

    No. A lawyer can only represent one party in the divorce proceedings as it can create a conflict of interest to represent both parties.
  • 4-Jul-2022

    Who Will Get Custody of Our Children?

    By Tennessee statute, when determining who should get custody of minor children, the court will make a decision based on the overall best interest of the child or children by considering all relevant factors such as: The love, affection and emotional ...
  • 20-Jun-2022

    What Are the Different Types of Property in Tennessee for Divorce?

    In a Tennessee divorce, property is classified as either separate or marital. Separate property is all real and personal property owned by a spouse before marriage, property acquired in exchange for property acquired before the marriage, income from ...
  • 6-Jun-2022

    What is Discovery?

    Discovery is the formal process of exchanging requested information between both parties. Discovery normally consists of a set of questions called interrogatories and a set of document requests. It is required you answer all of the questions asked ...
  • 18-Apr-2022

    What if My Spouse Does Not Live in Tennessee but I Want to File for Divorce in Tennessee?

    By statute, if the acts complained of were committed while you were a resident of Tennessee, or if the acts complained of were committed while outside of the state of Tennessee, but you have lived in Tennessee for at least six (6) months before you ...
  • 21-Mar-2022

    What if My Spouse and I Reconcile After We Have Filed for Divorce?

    If you and your spouse decide to reconcile, or stay together, after filing for divorce or separation, let your attorney know as soon as possible and they can request that the court suspend the proceeding. TCA §36-4-126
  • 21-Feb-2022

    How Much Will My Divorce Cost?

    The cost of divorce varies case by case. Most attorneys require a retainer to be paid prior to beginning work and will bill against that retainer as they work on your case. There are also additional costs to keep in mind that the client is ...
  • 7-Feb-2022

    How Do I Change My Name After My Divorce?

    Discuss with your attorney if you are wanting to change your name after your divorce is final. If you do, the name change will be placed in the final decree of divorce that is filed with the court and will be signed by the Judge. Once your final ...
  • 17-Jan-2022

    Where Should I File for Divorce?

    Under Tennessee law, the complaint for divorce should be filed in the county where you and your spouse last lived together at the time of separation, or where your spouse now resides if it is still within the state of Tennessee. If your spouse does ...
  • 27-Dec-2021

    How Will Our Assets be Divided in our Divorce?

    By Tennessee statute, the court may equally divide, distribute, or assign the marital property between you and your spouse without regard to fault. The court will take into consideration many different factors like how long you have been married, you ...
  • 20-Dec-2021

    How Long Does a Divorce Take?

    Tennessee requires a minimum waiting period of sixty (60) days from the day the divorce complaint is filed if there are no minor children involved. If there are minor children involved, Tennessee requires a minimum waiting period of ninety (90) days ...

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